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A GDC & PAX East 2018 Synopsis

Hello, folks!

It's hard to describe the simultaneous thrill and anxiety that comes along with showing a game at a major event, be that E3, or Gamescom, or some other major happening. These last few weeks saw the one-two punch of GDC and Pax East, nearly back to back, and with them two great opportunities to put Mothergunship into new hands.


For GDC we had the great honour to be invited to show in Epic Game's showcase lounge, a sprawling section of the main exhibition hall with a cookie-bar and official beer-o'clock. Each selected game had its own space, its own display, and its own furniture, meaning showing Mothergunship here was one of the more relaxing trade shows I've experienced.

It's hard to calculate how many people played the demo at GDC, but since GDC is an industry professionals' event, a great number of other developers, old friends, and other professionals stopped by to check out the game. The reception was warm, and Epic's sponsorship was definitely welcomed.

Epic again delivered with sponsoring our Mothergunship Pax East booth as well, along with OriginPC, Pixio monitors, and Sony.

PAXEast Entrance

Mothergunship was on display in the Playstation booth as well as in a booth within the Indie MEGABOOTH, where we sported this fella:

MGS_Cardboard MGS_PSBooth

We also had no less than EIGHT stations, including one PS4 Pro running the game, meaning there was no shortage of places folks could try the game. George from Marketing and I were a little uncertain if we’d be able to fill all those spots with people..but once the show floor opened and the crowds started coming..they didn’t stop. Not only were all the stations occupied almost all of the time, but we often had a crowd of 5-10 people waiting to play the game, which occasionally would peak to 25. The days were filled with fans, friends both old and new, and even some celebrity game devs visits.

MGS_PaxEast_booth01 MGS_PaxEast_booth01 MGS_PaxEast_booth01 MGS_PaxEast_Dusk

On the fourth day we were beginning to break down and run out of energy under the constant flow, and we jokingly put a call out on Twitter for rescue-pizza...only to have popular streamers come to our rescue!

PAXEast Pizza

To top it all off, when we walked into the annual MadeInMA event at Pax East, we found ourselves starting at a giant wall projection Mothergunship, where people were taking on the Nightmare challenge in front of a crowded party.

PAXEast Pizza

All in all, Pax East was an energizing, while also exhausting, event..but it was also validating. We can’t wait to get this game into more hands.


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Thank you for reading!

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