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I’m excited to announce that the MOTHERGUNfriendSHIP Update for MOTHERGUNSHIP is now LIVE! You should be able to download it on Steam, XBox One, and Playstation 4. As the name might imply, this update adds the ability to play with a friend to Mothergunship. We’ve been working on this for months, and are excited to see what people think!


So dive into the action with your favorite buddy. Show them your most ridiculous creations. Argue with them about who should get which gun parts from the store and enjoy taking down the Mothergunship..uh..together!

COOP is available once you have gotten access to your Headquarters (so, after the intro/tutorial) and from there you can enter the door in your Headquarters labeled “Portal”, where you can invite a friend into your progression through the game. Together you can fight through the entire rest of the campaign, all the side missions, as well as Endless and Sandbox modes. Feel free to also tackle the Endgame Campaign, which has been tuned quite a bit in response to player feedback.

Now, there are some considerations when you fight in COOP with a buddy. First, only the host’s progress through the campaign is saved, but both players will keep whatever loot they find. Second, when you fall in combat... there are a few seconds where your coop buddy can come revive you...but if they fail, then worry not, you can continue combat from their back as a backpack turret cannon! It’s risky to stay a backpack for long though, so find a resurrection platform quick.

Other new additions include three new BombBot types of enemies: The Charger BombBot, which is persistent and will keep you on your toes, Swarms of Baby BombBots..which generally appear in clouds of dozens and kind of make you feel like a punching bag and the MEGA BombBot..which makes up for its slow speed with a mammoth explosion radius. You might not need to focus on those behemoths right away..but ignore them at your peril...they have a tendency to flatten you quickly.

In addition to the new modes, we also have a ton of bug fixes, balance changes, visual polish fixes, collision improvements, gap fixes, and more. We’ll continue to improve the game too with more updates to come, so let us know what you think on our Discord community. We hope you enjoy the MOTHERGUNfriendSHIP Update!

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We’re also excited to tell you all about the physical version of MOTHERGUNSHIP, out now, for PS4 and XBox One. The release date for this has been public for awhile, so that’s not new..but it’s happening NOW (Aug 21st in EU, Aug 24th in the USA). So if you roll physical, then now MOTHERGUNSHIP can fulfill your dreams.

Also, while you are here:
1: Tweet at us on Twitter (twitter.com/mothergunship) with what pun YOU would have used for this update. We thought of a lot..but I’m sure we missed some opportunities here!
2: Join us on Discord (https://discord.gg/u8RFQHG) !
3: Consider picking up the game for a friend!

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