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Get to know your Enemies: Mr. Wall And the Bloater

The world of MOTHERGUNSHIP is filled with enemies that hound you, chase you down, throw a hundred bullets at you and otherwise try and ruin your day. However, there’s also the occasional enemy that surprises you with a rarely seen tactic in video games...and that’s the deceptively effective tactic of trying to get hit. In today’s development blog we’d like to introduce you to two such enemies: Mr. Wall and the Bloater.

Mr. Wall

For those of you who follow my weekly development streams, you might have caught me working on some of the FX work for this mob. By itself, Mr. Wall isn’t an incredible threat.. however, when he spawns along side packs of other mobs he becomes a sharp lesson for the player in threat priority.
MGS_Mr.Wall You see; Mr.Wall likes to be the center of attention, and really goes to great lengths to get in your face. Or, perhaps it isn’t vanity...Perhaps Mr. Wall just really admires its fellow alien robot mobs, and wants to protect them until its dying breath. Regardless of whatever strange self-sacrificial motive this robot has, it’s quick to make sure that it is in the way of as many of your shots as possible, blocking them with its face...its formidable, haunting, shield-face. Meanwhile, that army of turrets behind it will be letting loose a volley of bullets, a volley against which your firepower is muted. Make no mistake, just because this alien can’t attack you directly doesn’t mean that it isn’t someone to be reckoned with.


And then there’s the bloater...like Mr. Wall, the Bloater seems to have a lack of regard for self preservation. But where Mr. Wall’s aims were designed at defending other enemies, the Bloater is solely focused on delivering a payload that emerges from the explosive corpse of the Bloater’s dying chassis. Yes, the Bloater WANTS to die. The Bloater’s life goal is to explode into a mess of shrapnel and robot-goo...and not unlike a mother spider who carries a swollen sack of her young upon her back, the Bloater too carries a multitude of small, terrifying minions.
MGS_Bloater The minions are fast, flying, gnats..just itching to be released from their nest to bite at the player...and while just one of them isn’t a great concern, a swarm of these gnats can bring the staunchest of players to their doom. Yes, the Bloater is one enemy that you need to really consider whether or not you want to engage with at all. It’s not hard to kill, of course, but do you really want to unleash even more chaos upon yourself? If only the Bloater didn’t have a tendency to seek out your shots...
MGS_Bloater MGS_Bloater We hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into some of the unique mobs of Mothergunship. We’re looking forward to sharing more mobs as we continue the development.

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