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Get to Know Your Enemies: Pit Crawler

Perhaps, like me, you too have had nightmares about being chased down gigantic metal tunnels by a four-story tall robot spider that shoots homing rockets and has a very large laser drill eyeball! Yes? Well, do I have the game for you!

Mothergunship wouldn’t be an over the top shooter without some over the top boss fights, right? I’m happy to give you all a not-quite-first look at the Pit Crawler. He was showcased pretty heavily in our Resistance trailer this last summer, but we haven’t really talked about the experience of fighting this fella up until now.
MGS_PitCrawler In most cases in Mothergunship, the larger the boss, the easier they are to hit, but with the Pit Crawler there’s a bit more to the fight than just that. The boss’ shrapnel maw is constantly eating away at the arena, consuming the very playspace you have to work with, and you are forced to decide between standing and fighting or booking it to safety. Navigating a tunnel filled with lava, spikes, and other hazards suddenly becomes far more stressful when you have a monster like the Pit Crawler breathing down your neck. You can literally see the creatures legs smashing into the walls around you as it gains ground on you, the ship trembling with every smash..and you know you can’t flee forever..sooner or later you’ll have to make a stand..or at least turn and take a few cheap shots...but when you try, the beast seems invulnerable!
MGS_PitCrawler Meanwhile, the Pit Crawler isn’t content to just gobble down the shreds of the arena as it chases you--it’s got it’s own arsenal of ranged weaponry too. Those fleets of missiles might SEEM like they overshot you at first..till you realize that was intentional, and now you have a Pit Crawler behind you and a wall of homing rockets to dodge in front of you.

And then there’s the drill laser. A mammoth jaw hinges open and an intense light fills the arena. The drill laser itself might just seem like an excuse for us to make a cool particle effect..And you’d be right..but that laser packs a heck of a punch...but there’s something else too..something inside that toothy maw when the laser is firing. A weakness, perhaps?
MGS_PitCrawler I hope that little taste of boss fight action got you excited! The Pit Crawler is just one Mothergunship’s impressive encounters and we’re looking forward to sharing more of them in the future. Happy 2018, everyone!
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Joe Mirabello @blankslatejoe

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